The PHYTOFORM SYSTEM is a new concept in modern Chinese herbal prescriptions for the discerning practitioner. It provides a complete, ready-to-use system for simple and convenient dispensing of even the most complex formulations.

After nearly 4 years of preparation, AcuMedic is proud to introduce our Phytoform system of herb components for safe and effective prescription of herbal extracts to your patients.

We have been working alongside our team of Professors, manufacturers and herb growers to provide practitioners with high quality and effective extracts for simple assembly at your practice.

Phytoform has an unrivalled range of single herbs and base combinations for the skilled practitioner to be able to use to formulate and assemble prescriptions. We supply the simple dispensing equipment and even allow practitioners to print off their own branded customised prescription labels for their patients.

The AcuMedic PHYTOFORM SYSTEM is a comprehensive solution and provides the legal route to prescribe herbs to your patients, in compliance with the EU laws.

AcuMedic recognises that practitioners are busy and expect highest quality support and convenience. All Phytoform clients are given exclusive access to a wide range of resources and services, including PHYTOFORM SYSTEM educational courses taught by the CMIR (Chinese Medical Institute & Register). Register your interest by emailing Holly with your name and contact details.

The Phytoform app is coming soon. This will provide practitioners with a complete resource at their fingertips and can be used for prescribing and stock control.


Not all extracts are the same, read more about the level of dedication we take to provide the most effective, safe and quality extracts.

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Phytoform products are available to order now!

Phytoform products are currently available to order from the AcuMedic mailorder department and online shop

Dispense your prescriptions with customised labels.

We offer a free online service for generating customised phytoform labels with your company logo:

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AcuMedic Professional has been supplying the professional Chinese Medicine industry for over 40 years. AcuMedic invented the disposable traditional acupuncture needle and has continued to innovate over the decades. The PHYTOFORM SYSTEM has been designed by AcuMedic Professional, AcuMedic Clinic (a world renowned clinical organisation) and teaching professors of the CMIR. The system has been created with an expert understanding of the specific needs of the Chinese Medicine professional from single practitioners to multi-doctor clinics.


Phytoform is the innovation of the wonderfully influential and pioneering Professor Man Fong Mei, founder of the well-known AcuMedic Clinic, London, who sadly passed away in 2014.

Professor Man Fong Mei, was born in the Guangdong region of China and came to England in the 1960’s where he studied Physics at Kings College London. He had a passion for spreading ideas from his homeland to the west. With his scientific background he took a special interest in the field of medicine.

In 1972 he founded AcuMedic Ltd and pioneered the sale of acupuncture equipment. In 1982 he opened the world famous AcuMedic Clinic in London’s Camden high Street, where you will still find it thriving today, as it goes into its 43rd year of trading..

He is known for his ground-breaking work, ranging from creating the world’s first disposable traditional acupuncture needle to being amongst the first to design the TENS apparatuses, which propelled AcuMedic to the centre of an ever-growing market.

His approach to modernising Chinese medicine continued as he developed his innovative TCM Classic range of capsulated Chinese herbal extracts, systematically combining the most commonly used Chinese medicine formulae into a convenient capsule for prescription. AcuMedic Clinic was one of the first to offer TCM clinical services to the general public. Professor Mei was dedicated to offering people the highest standards of Chinese medicine by sourcing only the finest Professors and doctors from China and premium quality Chinese herbs

In his own inimitable and untiring style Professor Mei founded the Chinese Medical Institute and Register (CMIR, UK), in association with the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, in 1994. His aim was to push forward higher standards in Chinese medicine and to offer a range of academic courses and qualifications in syndrome acupuncture and Chinese medicine for doctors and healthcare professionals. The CMIR continues this valuable legacy, still providing excellence in courses for our students who come from a wide variety of backgrounds and include GPs, hospital doctors and nurses.

In 2004, Eu legislation made it illegal for anyone to supply finished herbal medicines after 2014 and so, in 2010, Professor Mei sat with his team of professors and colleagues to find a solution. It took 4 years of work with experts in China, AcuMedic and the Chinese Medicine Institute & Register (CMIR) to develop the Phytoform System..

We believe Phytoform will revolutionise the way herbalists prepare and prescribe impeccably sourced and pure herbal extractions by offering an elegant solution that is simple, affordable and legal, but most importantly effective and stays true to the concepts and complexity of Chinese medicine..

Sadly, Professor Mei passed away before he could see his latest innovation in Chinese medicine reach completion. However, we are proud and honoured to be introducing his Phytoform System to the world of Chinese medicine. We fully intend to honour the peerless force of nature that was Professor Mei by maintaining the highest standards of care and professionalism as his lasting legacy to our customers


Not all extracts are the same. We use purity tested, unsulphured raw herbs. Our extracts have undergone a strict process from plant to powder using GMP partners throughout.


A herb extract is only as good as its starting material and just like any other natural product this starts with the farmers. In the same way as you will find inferior tomatoes or broccoli in a supermarket, the herbal medicine market is flooded with extracts that may be produced very well but if the starting material is cheap and low quality, the patient will not receive the desired effect. Growing in the correct environment and harvesting at the perfect moment has a huge effect on the quality of your extract. We work alongside growers to purchase the finest quality herbs.


Once harvested we transport the herbs and bring them for laboratory testing. We check for any potential pollutants such as heavy metals.


The herbs are laboratory tested for key fingerprinting markers for identification and strength of efficacy. Once we understand the strength of the herbs effect we can adjust the extraction process to ensure a consistent potency of extract.


The herbs are loaded into large stainless steel containers and water extracted with the perfect amount of water and length of brewing specific to the laboratory testing. Water extraction provides a traditional approach and extracts the same compounds as boiling raw herbs. This is very different from solvent based extraction which produces more extract from every gram of herbs but the compounds extracted are different and potentially more volatile than water extraction.

The extraction process is monitored with state of the art facilities to guarantee a perfect product.


After extraction the liquid is spray dried and becomes a powder which is granulated for convenience of use. Granules are easier to dispense with less mess.


The extracts are returned to the laboratory to test for purity and strength. The samples follow a very strict retention process with stringent batch control systems in place.


The extracts are sealed in tamper proof pots to ensure safety and shelf life. They are shipped directly to AcuMedic for our clients.